Well-being and Urban (Im)mobilities in Abuja, Nigeria

Book Chapter

Published: 21 March 2018 12:00

Using the results of primary research in Abuja, the book chapter Constructing Well-being, Deconstructing Urban (Im)mobilities in Abuja, Nigeria by URN researchers Daniel Oviedo Hernandez, Caren Levy and Prof Julio D. Dávila aims to illustrate the importance of new knowledge(s) and methodologies critical to the future of transport planning in the Global South.

Moving away from traditional measures of mobility, the book chapter explores the potential of well-being as an operational concept in transport planning. 

The book chapter is a contribution to the book Urban Mobilities in the Global South published by Routledge and edited by Tanu Priya Uteng and Karen Lucas.

Additional information is available here.