Urban Land, Planning and Governance Systems in Nigeria

Research Report

Published: 20 July 2015 12:00

By Jessica Lamond, Kwasi Baffour Awuah, Emma Lewis, Robin Bloch and Johnson B. Falade

The narrative of rapid urbanisation in relation to inadequate planning, governance and management regimes in Nigeria is well-rehearsed. The combination of customary and colonial practices, outdated policies and plans and entrenched attitudes is typically regarded as a problem without clear or universal solutions.

The aim of this report is to elucidate the urban land administration and planning debate in the country by examining the issues based on literature review and views of key urban sector stakeholders from six cities obtained through interviews.

The report serves as a detailed ‘baseline’ report for the urban land, planning and governance theme of the Urbanisation Research Nigeria (URN) programme – and as a foundation for the later, targeted and more detailed research.