Formative Evaluation of the Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility

Evaluation Report

Published: 04 September 2015 14:00

As well as conducting research on key themes concerning urbanisation, urban development and the provision of infrastructure, UIREM–Nigeria is supplying evaluation services directly to DFID on the Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF II) programme, including a mid-term (formative) evaluation which is the subject of this report.

NIAF is a DFID-funded technical assistance programme that aims to address infrastructure obstacles to economic growth and poverty reduction. 

The main objective of this formative evaluation is to assess the progress to date of the NIAF programme against the objectives set, and specifically with regard to improvement in infrastructure development in Nigeria and its potential to impact on the poor.

A summative evaluation in 2016 will assess the impact of NIAF through focusing on obtaining evidence of programme outcomes, assessing what has been achieved, and providing understanding of the process of change. It will also provide lessons learned for future programmes.