Economic Development in Urban Nigeria

Research Report

Published: 21 July 2015 18:00

By Robin Bloch, Naji Makarem, Mohammed-Bello Yunusa, Nikolaos Papachristodoulou and Matthew Crighton

Nigeria has seen remarkable economic growth in recent years, linked to a potentially transformative urbanisation process. The key issue of why high rates of economic growth in recent years have not been translated in urban settings into real improvements in economic opportunity – employment creation, livelihood provision and poverty reduction – is, however, as yet largely unaddressed, as is the contribution of infrastructural investments and improvements to urban productivity.

Moreover, there is a limited understanding, at overall or sectoral level, of the country’s current economic geography, and of sector-level organisation and performance (formal or informal) in Nigeria’s urban/metropolitan regions, cities or towns.

The research in this report aims to contribute to a better understanding of urban economic development in the cities and towns in Nigeria.

The report serves as a detailed ‘baseline’ report for the urban economic growth theme of the Urbanisation Research Nigeria (URN) programme – and as a foundation for the later, targeted and more detailed research.